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Over the last couple years I have learned a bunch of things about my personality, genetics, habits, and traits that have given me new insights on how I need to move forward with my life. Like many, I really just … Continue reading

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Lately I have been feeling a little reserved because of something new in my life. The pain I had been having for such a long time, off and on again, turned out to be my gallbladder being obstructed by a … Continue reading

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Anxiously Forward

I really didn’t do anything today and I’m kind of alright with that. It was relatively a nice day out and I stayed inside most of the time to just take a break from everything. There were some plans to … Continue reading

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There are a number of tools available nowadays which allow the general public to have the ability to create and reproduce various objects and tools. These include your standard set of mechanics and wood working tools but also the increasing … Continue reading

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