The Higher Power

Religion is always a good way to start a fight and although I usually try to stay away from that topic, I recently decided that I was going to present the facts that not only a god-like entity exists but also show that the information was based on science.

Just a small disclaimer in case it wasn’t alluded to previously, some of you won’t like this one bit.

The ancient peoples of Earth had a variety of religious beliefs about their origins and what gods and goddesses were involved in that process. These entities watched over them and sacrifices were made to appease them and the descendants of those beliefs still persist today in some form or another. Some actually got really close to the truth but didn’t know it. Some were way off base.

The advancements of technology throughout time has taken mysticism and split out the facts from the imagined and given us a clearer picture about how the universe functions, and we continue to learn to this very moment. From this knowledge we now know some very basic facts that relate to or origins but the question in the flux is, does a god exist?

The answer to this in the simplest terms is yes, yes there is a god that created us, watches over us, gives us life, death, and everything in between. Our god is our Sun and if you understand how the cosmos works, there are many of these gods in the universe but only the Sun is taking care of us.

A lot of religions worshiped the Sun and although they thought of it more like a person in the sky, the were kind of on the right track.

The Sun created itself from a collection of materials floating lifelessly in the vastness of space and helped to organize the collections of mass for the planets, moons, and other astral bodies in our Solar System. Some of this material may have been from the creation of the Universe itself or from the death of a previous solar system that had died out long ago. The heavy metals such as gold were once formed in the nuclear engine of stars and seeded into the planets. Various molecular ices in comets were pulled in and crashed into the Earth to create the bodies of water and atmospheric gases. And over the course of millions of years, the planet stabilized under the passing nights and days from which storms brought electrical energy to cause more complex molecular structures to form … and then life flourished.

This is not to say that the Sun is a happy-go-lucky body out there that were are orbiting. Nope, it is indifferent to you or me and has no idea that while it gives us life, it also threatens us every minute with certain destruction. Hot gasses are blasted out to us, astral bodies like comets and meteors are constantly being flung past us, and the gravity tugs on the mantle to twist and shift the tectonic plates. On top of that, we have a guaranteed End-of-Days when the Sun finally burns up all of the Hydrogen fuel contained within it. If no one comes up with an escape plan, the Earth and a number of the other inner planets will be swallowed up in a fire greater than anyone has ever experienced. End of story.

But we have a little time yet to work that one out. We need to get past our political and religious issues and start working together to find some real solutions to how we plan to carry on our existence. While we do this we can still use our Sun as our source of power and worship it as our god / goddess. It’s energy is part of us and everything here.

Your deity, the Sun, powers everything on Earth directly and indirectly. The plants that refresh your air are powered by the Sun. That rain that grows your crops is created by the Sun. The metals, plastics, and glass used in the computer you are reading this on came from that big star in the sky at some point and we took it all and put it together because we evolved to this state, because of the Sun.

But then there is the argument that Earth is unique and we are special because some magic man/woman/creature created this world and that there is nothing like us anywhere else. Well, we know there are millions of stars in just our galaxy and millions of galaxies in the universe so to say with conviction there are no other examples of intelligent life out there is really short-sighted. We just don’t have the technology to show us anything more, but that changes every day.

I know that the Sun is our creator.

The only higher power out there, is entropy.


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