Social Suicide

So the plan ti break apart my social connectivity has been going fairly well and although I see less of the friends that I enjoyed checking on, I am better off mentally for it. However, as the experts will note, it does give rise to more loneliness but most of the time I am fine with that. The whole Facebook data fiasco helps a little as some of my contacts decided to jump ship before I could cut them off.

I got the notice from Facebook that stated one of my friends ran that app which linked my public information to the outside group but in reality, I had my privacy settings so high that there is no public information. I don’t keep much traceable information on Facebook so one would have to look at my postings and comments to get something but I don’t know how much marketing gets generated by a nut like me. I don’t think I fall into the “standard” model they are trying to reach.

I would be interested to see what the algorithms have figured out about me. Is there something they know that everyone else I know doesn’t? And if so, what use could it be to anyone since that would be such a highly unique item.

No, I think I’m good with the way things are and I will explore other options as they present themselves. I still blog, tweet, FB troll, but I am branching back out into other projects that I have been procrastinating on. If you really want to get a better grasp of my mind you don’t need to scour the internet as I will just share what I have.

While I am breaking down and destroying my social collections from being conglomerated into one massive beast, I am taking these pieces and planting them into new fields of growth to see where they lead to. I will add these links to the BlogRoll menu on the right as well so they can be permanently available as this posting drifts off into the virtual archives.

Sentra 87
SD Tour
Deviant Art

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