A Fair Trade

I rail online about the injustices of capitalism and colonialism but I know my voice is meek among the millions that cry out on social media. I know my message is the same as others but the methods by which I present it are narrowly focused into a dead end of communication and so therefore I am only preaching to the wind. This is not to say that nobody is listening but rather that the people that could effect change from my words will never see or hear them in a forum that they participate in.

In this political year I am in the super minority as I have no political representation for the ideals I believe in. I live in a Republican held county, in a Republican held State, with Republican representatives, and a Republican President. There is no way anything I say is going to make anyone consider my ideas about how they can make society run better.

So I whine about my positions to the few friends that will listen and leave the rest of the mess to those that I feel that are not in it for the good of the people but rather the good of their pocket books. I whine despite the fact that the policies and laws that are enacted currently do not negatively affect me in any discernible way. It is the concept by which the actions of the government as a whole which disturbs me so much and how the rules they manipulate impact my future, my friend’s future, and the families that I am part of. Plus the continued ignorance towards the poor and mentally challenged makes me weep inside.

I have thought about writing a letter to not just my local government officials but to all of the members of my State and the Federal government with a single message of how they could improve the country by imparting proven methods of improving the lives of the people they represent. Many times I have tried to articulate how I could provide the insight of one mind into a system that holds so much power over so much but I’m currently not in a position to risk the type of attention that would generate so I sit here behind my digital walls of minimalist impressionism.

At this time I’m not going to go into the various aspects of what I think could be done differently as I don’t want this blog to become a political death match. I just had to get a little bit off of my mind as it has been eating me up. The political polarization is just too much of a drain on my brain and I have much more important issues to deal with.

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