Lately I have been feeling a little reserved because of something new in my life. The pain I had been having for such a long time, off and on again, turned out to be my gallbladder being obstructed by a large gallstone and down further it contains several other smaller ones. Because of this discovery I will need to have my gallbladder removed through which I will need to be sedated and lose track of myself for a short period of time.

I can’t tell if I’m worried, lost in thought, or aloof about the whole idea but I do know that the chance of having that pain from the gallstone again definitely scares me more than the surgery. I just don’t know how to feel about it all combined with the busy weekend schedule I have been having and the Sentra being parked for awhile until I can get the engine looked at. Plus, I’m looking at another MRI to look at the tumor in my head to see where we are at with that treatment so there is another item to think about.

It helps to keep my mind off of the issues and what helps with that is by being at work to keep me more or less distracted from my life. Right now I have to pry myself away from my desk to go home because I would rather be there, working on an Excel project I have, than to come home and sit in the silence wondering how all of this will play out.

There are things to do here at the house that I surmise could provide me with some distraction but more and more I end up sitting on the bed thinking about everything that I need to address before that date. So much I have to clean up and organize, paperwork I have to prepare, maintenance, everything, and letters I need to write that will lead me back and around to the issue once again. Now I remember what it was like when they found the tumor in my head but that was scarier on some levels whereas this issue has similar risks despite it being a relatively common procedure.

In about a month this will happen so I have time to process it and get myself from this melancholy state and back into the strange world where I am accustomed to more dark and twisted views so once again I can laugh it all away. Yet for now I’m trying to search out my feelings and figure out what I should be doing right now.

There are friends and family helping out with the logistics for getting me to and from this future task and I’m not particularly worried about that. I’m not even worried about the procedure itself or the post surgery recovery. What has me in a funk is that period of time that my mind will be shut off and time passes in a blink. I’ve gone through the process once before and it was terribly confusing coming out of it.

The chemical they use to sedate you does something different than put you to sleep, it causes the brain to drop into a different consciousness level where it is not aware of any outside stimulus and although you are not awake, you are not asleep either but more or less mentally paralyzed. Granted, it’s for the better that one be unaware of people cutting into your body and removing defunct organs and I’m glad we have that technology to perform that switch but it still bugs me.

For me, I’m always actively talking to myself and working on ideas, visualizations, planning, creating, feeling, and sorting and the mere thought that all of that will be switched off is like being trapped in a box with no lights and no air. Mental Claustrophobia if you will.

I will be fine though. I will get through it. Especially if it means I can have some ice cream once again without the worry of excruciating pain. That will be nice.

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