Spaghetti Fractures

Something is amiss in my creative process lately and I have not been able to figure out what to do about it. I can write but I really do have a different focus that I wish to be undertaking other than just general writing. There are projects that I want to work on but when I do, my brain goes limp like a wet noodle and I resort to less creative, less mind taxing issues.

There are people that I need to write letters to and let them know about the deeper nuances of my life and personal adventures that I go on which I don’t share in other online outlets. The personal touch I can put into a letter is one of my creative passions and yet when I sit down to try and channel those thoughts they all come out so very vanilla. There isn’t a splash of flavor to them like I want them to be and I think part of it is because I have too much going on both in my mind and out in the physical world.

My days involve computer support and repair and my nights are filled with information overload from YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Hearthstone, and various other small games found in apps on my phone. There are books that I really need to sit and read and training that I really need to study and yet the constant flow of information pulls me away as if there are multiple instances of boredom constantly flashing by between the lights and sounds of the Internet coaxing me into a new behavior.

The only escape that truly takes me out of this massive electronic ocean is when I can focus on the repair and updates of both the house and my vehicles. That hands-on work is the best distraction and I really do need more of it to build up better experiences that I can share and possibly give me more diverse stories to write for others. As the days get warmer I think that this will become more and more of a reality and then other ideas will become workable projects as well.

Part of this comes from trying to figure myself out and trying to see why I have such difficulties learning some things but excel and others. What I enjoy doing the most involves lots of complete silence but the world I work in partially requires my verbal communication and they language is a bit of a stretch sometimes to keep track of. That verbal component of my ability to learn is much like trying to get anything to stick to a Teflon coated all. You can tell me things but if I can’t read it or experience it then it gets lost.

As I dwell on these learning issues I get a better sense of the direction I need to go to get my projects worked on more and that means dumping some of the accumulated information in these online writings. Essentially the information overload is preventing me from exercising the creativity held in my grasp. There is so much going on that I cannot take from my surroundings because they are blinded behind the glowing screens of my digital devices.The inspiration I need has to come from less technological sources and that means I just have to get out more.

Right now, the letters can be done any time but one project is time sensitive. I am refining a design that needs to be sent off to company so that they can manufacture it and get the final product to me so I can present it to someone. It’s an idea that might have some meaning to others but to this one person I think they will really like it … I hope. But still I need to get out of this funk and finish it. After that, I guess I had better look more at doing repairs to the house while I come up with another idea.

Although taking away the electronic distractions sounds like a good way to bring back my creativeness, I think it will eventually turn around on its own. My ideas do suddenly blossom unexpectedly it’s just that this time, I wish they would happen faster.

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