The Learning Angle

Over the years I have had problems with various educational systems. A lot of time and effort by many people have tried to figure out what is “wrong” with me but in the end I have come to learn that what is happening is that I fall into a couple now defined learning styles. Of the three styles defines, Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic, each has their strengths and weaknesses when it comes to grasping information.

I know I have mentioned my specific attributes before but I keep running into the learning traits time and time again as it is part of my daily life to learn new things and remember information. Mostly this becomes a problem while I am at work because there some information is only presented in a certain style or worse of all the training materials are only in a certain format.

Sometimes I can make things work out but most of the time I find it all highly frustrating. My coworkers hear me gripe the most when it comes to new training material and at times I’ve had someone just tell me the answers in order to get through it. Cheating, yes. Worth it, definitely. But it’s only for the simple review stuff and not the major certification things.

How do I learn? Well, I have a combination of Visual and Kinesthetic learning styles and I really suck at Auditory. I do really good with things that I can touch and think about visually, my memory is all visual, and I can usually pick up on a task within one or two attempts. But, you tell me to do something or expect me to memorize something without being able to write it down and I will most certainly forget it in a few seconds.

So, right now my biggest challenge is that I am being asked to complete the certification for Lenovo’s basic course. The course is all presentation with very little reading and because I have no idea what to focus on, it is really painful to go through. To add to this, I got tired of listening to it and decided to take the test once to see how I would do and I got a 78% … 80% is passing. *grumble*

Pretty much I have to find a moment where I can accept the pain of learning from the auditory angle but since it is so irritating I am thinking that I might have to have a little alcohol to calm my nerves. Even then it is going to take me forever to get through it because I need to take breaks, constantly, to let my mind sort through it all and create notes that actually mean something to me.

A nice little PDF of the material would be the best solution but then I guess you could cheat on the exam. I get why they did it this way but it takes people like me out of the success rates. There is no good answer to meet everyone’s needs but I have to vent about it. I need to be grumpy with this one.

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