Fire Show

Last night I was trying to find some paperwork regarding my past computer and printer certifications so I could get them added to my various portfolios. Paperwork that should be in one finite location is actually stored in several boxes located in different rooms under varying categories in an organized chaos of sorts.

My home has some older lighting fixtures in it and when I was trying to turn off one of the room lights I accidentally knocked into it causing it to flicker, zap, and then explode with sparks and at least one glowing red chunks sailed through the air. The house went dark and you could smell what I can only describe as the aftermath of using a cap gun a lot.

After a shrug I navigated through the house to find my phone so I could at least get some light to find my way to the basement. The house does have an advantage in that only the upstairs lights go out when that breaker is tripped so the basement lights worked just fine. Sure enough, the breaker was tripped and I initially just reset it but did not turn it on because I did not know the state of that fixture.

I grabbed my tools and a new fixture I had on hand to go replace the toasted one but I ran into another problem. The wire coming from the ceiling was so old that the wire inside of it was just terrible. How the wire never caught fire previously is just a miracle of chance. What I did next though surprised me to no end.

The light fixtures that hang from the ceiling have little porcelain bases to them and on those bases are little groves that you would find on a handle grip. Just out of frustration I gave one a twist and the assembly came apart allowing me to make the repairs without have to hang upside down from a ladder. I had no idea they did that or that they made such a thing. When I finished putting new wire in the bottom piece and added a new fixture, I merely twisted the fixture back onto the ceiling and flipped on the breaker.

I do see one major flaw in their design that now gives me the chills. There are two screws on the underside that you can touch but those screws hold the contacts on the inside of the mount which means that they are always electrified. Most of my ceilings in the house are too high to reach those contacts but the one in the kitchen is within reach. I think its time I work on getting them replaced with something newer.

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