I’m a little bit of a creative sort and I like to express myself in subtle yet fun ways. One of the ways I can show my creative talent to my friends is through my Facebook page by creating my own banners. I borrow from found images and compile them into a picture that represents my mood until I have another burst of inspiration.

I thought I would share some of the banners that I have made so far. Nothing that I think is too fancy but just a little fun for the masses.


The Bender image is taken from a file on the Internet and cropped.


A picture of the barn on the farm I grew up on.


Candles burning in a blue filter. Image from the Internet manipulated for my birthday.


One of my best friends was facing a stressful issue and I made this as my way of supporting her. It is a collage of found images from the Internet.


This is a 50’s GMC pickup I saw in a small town and I washed out the image with a variety of filters in PhotoShop.


I have my own logo / mark that I created to represent not only my name but my favorite number. I had a rubber stamper made of this and use it on a lot of my letters to people.


This is a collage that I made to trip people out. I was going for a look that was difficult to keep your eyes on and interestingly it forces you to look through the window.


We have lost so may great entertainers in the last few years and this is my commemoration to the three I find so important to my development.

This retable of the high altar is by George Frederick Bodley, 1881, with figures carved by William Brindley.

I’m not a big time Christian and a lot of my friends know this. So, for April Fools Day this was my banner that morning.


Just putting a bright and happy feeling for those that have lived through Five Nights at Freddy’s on Easter.


This is one of my favorite images that I have found on the Internet.


These flowers were in front of the local Cracker Barrel and I have found the setting to be the best for this application.


This a picture of some mushrooms growing on a piece of wood at one of my Aunt and Uncle’s farm. It has been enhanced and made into a print for one of my sisters.


When you get bummed out, you start going Goth.


Another take on my feelings of conformity.


You can send me chocolate cookies anytime. Any-Time.

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