Anger Issues

There appears to be a great deal of emerging violence and terror afflicting society and it has a lot of people on edge. A number of people have rallied against the violence with loud protest and others have resorted to using more violence to somehow solve these problems. I get that there is passion in people about finding a solution to issues that affect them but more often I see many of them not taking the time to really think about what they are doing, how their actions may actually hurt their cause.

For years now in the United States of America there have been small groups of people saying “this government is coming to take away our *insert legal right here*” but nothing ever happens. Most of the time you see the fear in people talking about the Federal government without taking into count the layers that are involved. Fear is what drives them and that fear is what is used to rally people to do very rash things.

As I said, it appears that violence and terror is on the rise but blaming the government for street problems in rural states is the wrong path. There are so many social economic factors at play, not one single entity is responsible for them all. Many times when people do bad things, it is because of money or family or drugs or mental issues. Of course all of these things fall under the umbrella of the government but they also fall under a myriad chain of other umbrellas with which any one of them could be the failed cover for their downfall. These problems are enhanced by the near instantaneous local reporting by news agencies, pedestrians, and law enforcement over an ever growing internet with a faster growing thirst for up-to-the-second news reports.

If you want to fix problems in your society, then work with the people you know to solve them through constructive approaches. Work with your police people to make them aware of problems so that they can be figured out with the proper resources. Too many times have I suggested this to someone only to get the response “I’m not a snitch.” “I’m not a NARC.” Well, if this is your viewpoint then you are enabling the problems to continue without resolve. You are letting the crime continue and adding to pile of problems. If you don’t speak up, who do you think will?

But maybe you want to solve all of the problems, maybe you want to take down the entire system and do things differently. Instead of approaching the government from a political standpoint, you want to march into D.C. with guns blazing and topple the horrible regime. Maybe you think that will solve the issues affecting everyone.

Well, let’s try to throw some logic at your rash decisions and see how prepared you are to deal with the results.

Since the leadership of this country are elected officials that you want to remove from power, you will need the support of the other half of the people that didn’t support them. There are about 320 million citizens in the United States, about 50% of them voted, and about 50% of that group voted against the government that you want to take down. So, you will need to rally a majority of people to gain support over the winning half, probably about 100 million people, to justify forcibly taking out the federal government.

Let’s say you manage to assemble that amount of people to support you and take out the government, now what? What is your plan? Bear in mind that all of the federal programs will shut down. All of the money that keeps the poor and the elderly will stop and the military, if it hasn’t already tried to stop you, will suddenly stop. The country will be broke and any other country will be able to invade, unhindered, by your actions.

Rather than constantly whine about the system, the problems, the violence, the poverty, and the horrible life that you apparently have … Why not find a way to solve your issues by bringing your family, friends, neighbors, police, and government all to the same table and work things out with the common goal of fixing problems peacefully? We live in an age where communication is what ties us all together. We can improve and overcome if only we actually talk to each other and let everyone know that you have a problem. Someone will be able to find you an answer, without inciting fear.

But if all you see is darkness and blood, then maybe you need professional help.

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