Crystal Fur

Since I found out about my Klinefelter’s Syndrome I have re-evaluating my behaviours and actually finding out that people now know that the “quirks” I had groing up are actually defined personality traits. This is something that comes as both a relief but also as a sad reminder of the troubles I had while growing up.

It used to be so frustrating to try and do a simple task and get nowhere with it but now I know that by keeping myself occupied with random activites, I have a greater chance of getting things done than just focusing on only one task. I have to hop from one thing to another and then back to the original task in order to keep the processes fresh otherwise I will lose the rythym and do something completely benign, like sleeping.

This chaos used to be considered a hinderance because I did not know what was causing it to perpetuate but now I see that with my visual thinking I also have another trait called Kinesthetic Learning which involves the hands-on approach to learning. It really shows how sitting in a lecture proves no real benefit to me nor does trying to read information directly unless I have some other form of stimulus going on at the same time to reinforce the learning process. Typically, however, I tend to pick up on things on the first try without any need to reteach.

So normally this would mean that I would lament on the past and how the system was not prepared to handle my mind, my differences, and how things could have been better. But really that is just not the way to look at this. The way to look at this is how can I take advantage of this new information and use it to further my growth and education in my current life? Where can I go from here?

The current reality is that I am working in an environment that compliments my learning system well with the work that I need to perform. I can be creative and helpful without causing a stir for not following some strict rules or endangering my performance objectives because the job is fun, low stress, and most people there enjoy having me there. Home life is actually more stressful than work life because the chaos of my world has its own distinct order and trying to optimize it causes me to lock up and then I need to really distract myself to get anything done.

Confused yet? Yeah, sorry about that but I’m just dumping a bunch of realizations at this point. My learning process also has an overflow system where things can be purged by just writing them down and then I don’t need to worry about them anymore or at least I can look back on the thoughts without having them clutter the information I want to focus on.

Things are going good though. I have my Sentra going through a series of repairs and upgrades to hopefully take it another ten years at least of use. Next year it will be 30 years old. The little bugger still runs great but some parts are getting harder to find and I’m sure one day there will be something that I cannot get new so I will have to figure out another way. Maybe that is where the 3D printing trend will be able to fill in.

The house, well right now I’m just trying to swap items between two rooms so that I can have some space to work on things. I am finally able to utilize a space that has been blocked off for storage for about three years and hopefully in a month I can divert some money into some much needed repairs before it starts to get cold again.

Still not there with the heat and water items but I am still on track for getting them installed. I would really like to have the house lifted and put in a whole new basement to make many of these other projects go a bit easier but I guess I can tolerate the slowness of it all for a while longer. I’ve been here nine years so far without any of that stuff, what is another couple going to hurt?

While I try to figure all of that out, I am working on getting rid of stuff I don’t need and try to make this place a little airier. I have amassed so many things from other events in life that I don’t use or will never use and I am doing what I can to either get the items to people that can use them or just sending them off to some other type of recycling. Its too exhausting for me to try and sell everything because I have no idea what anything is worth because most items have some personal value, not monetary.

And if you want a cat, they will have to go in pairs. I don’t know if I can seperate them now that they have grown up with their immediate sister. They get really annoyed when you seperate them and I can’t handle the stress. It’s one thing that has just beat me and I totally regret letting the mother cat into my life. Oh well.

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