A Different Venue

After spending almost ten years in the same spot, I’m finally going to move come this weekend. My little bedroom has been a great hangout but I can do better and I plan on making the switch with very little fanfare. The idea of not changing my space for so long is hindering my creative process and so out I must go to become anew.

I’ve come up with this plan just a few days ago as I was looking at the aspects of how I see my reality. The plan is simple and yet complex but hopefully the added room will give me room to breathe but undoubtedly it will also give me more room to make a mess. The chaos of my life is actually order through which I exist, despite the oddity by which that statement resounds in my head.

Starting Saturday morning I am going to vacate the current storage room and office of all that is contained within by starting a grand shuffle of belongings. Moving items into a temporary space in the house from where I can also determine the need to keep such items and pack them in zones to be kept or disposed of. Then, after a bit of cleaning and possibly some deconstructing of wall materials, I will begin the process of relocation.

Much of what I want to accomplish here is not only the expanded space but also to consolidate things that I find I have spread out throughout the house. Paperwork and clothes need to be properly organized and computers need to be shelved or tossed. This isn’t only a move but a little bit of a rebirth of my life and my living space.

I might have to get some supplies and make some repairs as I had other plans in the beginning for the walls and woodwork of the house. Some new sheetrock and a little paint should tidy up the old office quite nicely.

Then the great move will take place and I can claim the new space as my bedroom as well as my office space. No more running back and forth between the rooms to print something off. By taking advantage of the high ceilings with more vertical storage I should have a spot for everything and with the cleaning aspect, more space will be available for the items moving into storage.

By Monday morning I will have completed the task and feel the freshness of my new home. Such a simple change to make one feel as if they moved to a whole new location.

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