Snap Crackle Zap

Electricity is a term used for the flow of electrons through some type of material or space. We have tiny and massive forms of generating these flows but despite how it sounds, we never really create the electrons that are flowing. What we are doing is creating pumps that increase the concentrations of electrons into one area so that they can flow around to a less concentrated area forming circuits. The whole idea of electricity doing work is no different than water falling from a water tower and turning an impeller.

There is such a high demand for these electron flows that we have destroyed many things and even our own planet in order to create them. Ironically the path to electricity has been closely associated with water and in that same thought water is what drives the pumps to make electricity work.

Our most brazen accomplishment is to tear into the Earth and remove carbon rich materials so that they can be burned for their total heat. That heat is used to boil water and turn it into steam and then that steam is used to turn impellers that drive generators which pump electrons around. The whole process involves very dirty, dangerous, and expensive work by many individuals and in the end we get two opposite products. There is the pure concentrated flow of electrons for many electrical needs, and also there is the waste, the smoke, the poisons, and the random deaths. And yet there are better ways.

But rather than spend the money to invest in developing cleaner, more efficient ways of generating electron flows, people want the quick and dirty route because people are greedy and someone is always making themselves rich by doing things in the most harmful way possible. Get rich and die.

I know things are slowly coming around and we are seeing an age when solar is growing but we have to strive to put it at the forefront of our society. If everyone could have their own electrical generator and storage system, We could save ourselves countless resources and ensure that there is a planet for countless generations ahead.

Until then, I will be a slave to the system and continue to ponder the flow of those little electrons going around, and around, and around, and around, and around …

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