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I’m having killer writer’s block where I am full of want but completely empty of content. I had to just dive in with something plain to hopefully trigger some kind of burst to progress a thought but at the moment I’m still grasping for an original thought that I feel that I can share. My lack of creativity in this area is somewhat perplexing but with all of the other things going on in my life, I guess it isn’t all too surprising.

Business had been terribly slow and so I went out and found a new job and reduced my business back into a glorified hobby. The incredibly long slow time and unfortunate expenses during that time have put me into a bit of a bind while I try to rebuild income and get myself into a better quality of life. The great thing about this is that the new job is awesome, pays great, and everyone is really friendly. Once I get onto a regular, positive income I’m going to take care of my local personal and business debts and then going into an aggressive debt reduction mode. I figure I can get myself back into the black and still have my chocolate too. The job is such that I don’t even notice the day has passed by already.

Dobeedobedoooo …

Yeah, that’s all I can put together …

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