There are a number of tools available nowadays which allow the general public to have the ability to create and reproduce various objects and tools. These include your standard set of mechanics and wood working tools but also the increasing popularity of 3D printers and CNC machines.

3D printing is something I really enjoy reading about and watching videos on but it is such a limited tool as you can only produce items smaller than the printer and if you want something bigger, you either need a bigger printer or have the ability to assemble your small parts into a bigger item.

The same goes for a CNC machine but the thing I like more about a 3-axis CNC machine is that you can actually have it cut the pieces to duplicate the same piece of equipment. Better yet, you can make a better machine than the one you are using without having to buy a bigger and better one.

From this realization I am now interested in getting the materials together to build a basic CNC machine from wood, plastic, and metal parts so that I can use it to build a nicer one from aluminum. The design I am going for is one where the bed (x-axis) can be any length and the gantry above it rolls back and forth down the length. The router rides from side to side (y-axis) and up and down (z-axis) on the gantry arm.

After that, the possibilities really expand from there because it can be used to cut and engrave on multiple materials and can be fitted with various tools to create products, parts, and drawings. I just need to figure out an initial design and get the materials to make it. Plus work through my anxiety. ;P

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