The Unreachable World

Of the dreams that I can remember, a few have stuck out for having certain objects in them that were either so strange or so scary. Of all of those dreams I find two with objects in them that I have been so curious about but could never lock onto them in a way to really get a good look as to what my mind was thinking. I know there is a process by which you can gain consciousness in your dreams and interact with yourself but I have not taken the time to get the books and I don’t think I have the patience to actually work towards that point. What I can do is briefly go over the two things that I find the most curious and perplexing in my dreams. Neither of which are scary or twisted but rather very mundane but different each in their own way.

The Car
Where I grew up there is a shelter belt to the north of the farm and it is just rows of trees all in various states of life and death and there is only a field on the other side. However, in various dreams I used to have there would be a small house in those trees and next to the house was a car like nothing I had ever come across before. It was a two-seater in bare metal and no hood. The car was apparently my father’s but he never drove it and I really wanted it but couldn’t get him to acknowledge it. The engine was monstrous and filled the entire cavity between the wheels from the front bumper to the firewall. I must have had dreams about this car a lot for it to stick so well in my mind but the thing that makes me think about it more now than ever is that I have found to cars that look similar to the one my dream. It would be a cross between a 2005 Chrysler 300C and a 1954 Buick Super Riviera Coupe. All squat like a toad with the windows black, tires flat, and leaves stuck in every crevice.

The House
Before I bought the house that I live in now, I would have dreams of being in the house I lived in and it was a scary deal. But after I moved here I had something completely different happen, I had dreams of this house and another house behind it. Now, I know of a few places where there are houses arranged like this but when you are dreaming of your house and you go out the back door and into the trees behind the fence and find your house again, it really feels strange. Yet, the house in the back was different in that it had nothing in it. It was dry and dusty with no furniture. It had a different porch and two front doors. It felt safer … but after telling someone that I would always go in the left door they suggested that I try to enter the right door despite my inability to be conscious in my dreams enough to think to do just that. However, the last time I had the dream, the other house was gone and now I only see my original home.

All in all it really doesn’t matter. I just had to throw those out there because they were on my mind. I guess I better get some sleep.

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