Betting Against God

The latest hype flowing out of the mouths of Christian extremists is that by the end of this month, the world will have ended and the righteous will have been given everlasting life and the rest will be needing some extra sunblock. But for the rest of sane folk that know better, it’s just another day on Earth.

So I have a bet for all of those that are absolutely 110% sure that the Tetrad of Blood Moons is the surefire sign that God is coming to end it all. This will be a WIN – WIN for both of us and neither of us can lose, if you are truly faithful.

I bet that the End of Times will not happen this month. (Heck, it won’t even happen this year.) I am betting that God isn’t coming for your souls and that you are just going to be stuck here, living life with the rest of us.

I also bet that you really don’t take this whole prophecy 100% seriously either.

However, if you truly believe then you will have no problem liquidating all of your assets and donating the money to me.

If you win, you get the ultimate reward and I get nothing because the money will be useless and I don’t think there is a Starbucks in Hell. (I bet that coffee is HOT!)

If I win, I keep all of your donation and you go back to following God and await his next instructions on His plan of attack. You or your representatives will have no claim to the money donated ever again.

So, here it is. Prove to me that you truly believe that the world will end. Send me every cent you own and walk away. By doing this, you agree that you freely donate whatever amount to me and I am not obligated in any way to ever return any of it to you. I have no obligation to tell you what will be done with the money. In the event where you felt you made a mistake and really really need the money back. I suggest you pray to your God and he will let me know.


(BTW, I know I’m right on this one.)
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