The chain of events feels so long and twisted and here I am, dangling on the end looking at the mists of uncertainty below me.

Well, it isn’t that dire but I do like to throw a little darkness into everything. I’m not much of one to put all the shiny happy flowers all over my life and prance about with a grin on my face. If you do see me doing that, however, you will notice that the smile is not of happiness but of crazed madness. Like the Hatter on a good day.

Been working on the house and getting at least somewhere with the various little projects that make up this part of my life. I’m finding that removing the wallpaper is a bit therapeutic and behind each layer I find a little more character of the house that has lain dormant for so many years. I need to get the siding for the pantry ripped and attached so I can prime it and be ready to paint it next spring. I have to seal up the windows for the upcoming winter winds and get the pantry cleaned up so that I can organize more of my mess into stacks instead of piles. There are other things but I will get to them as needed.

The Sentra is on hold for a moment while I upgrade the vacuum lines on the engine to hope that it will idle better at start. I managed to get the actual shop manual for it and the little bits of information that actually describe how it works are in there unlike the mess of information in the Haynes manual. The next fair day, which is soon I hope, I will get the rest of the lines changed and see if it will start.

On other creativity, I have been checking out sites that can help me determine if my ideas are worth sharing with the world. They don’t offer me the best return on profit but I guess knowing that they actually made it past my mind and into another venue is kind of enlightening.

Have I mentioned that I hate cats? But after reading a recent article on cat behavior about how they gravitate to people that don’t like them, I’m doomed. DOOMED!

Anyway, back on the creative angle, I had thought about doing the whole YouTube video production thing but I can’t come up with a single good idea. The only thing that I can think of that would cause a stir would be the titles would be so disgusting that you would have to click on them just to satisfy your dark curiosity only to find out that they were mundane. I’m just not right.

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