The mother of the kittens I am fostering is bound and determined to make sure her offspring are going to get more than the stuff that I provide from a can and a bag. No matter how full they are on her milk and the chicken pate I feed them, she still manages to find something else for them.

Since the kittens are old enough to feed themselves, I have let the mother cat go outside. However, the last three times she has gone out, she has come back with the lifeless body of a bird clutched in her maw. She’s pretty efficient at killing them and twice she has managed to slip past me into the house with her catch but I quickly get her out before there are feathers and guts strewn throughout the house.

Each furball appears to to be doing fine without the direct ingestion of wild game but I see the mother cat’s point on this issue. She is going to provide for them the way she knows how and I’m pretty sure she is under the impression that I will let them all out into the wild one day so that they can wipe out all of the small creatures in town.

In about two weeks she’s not going to like her situation on this little decision of using my place to have her little tribe in. One day here I’m going to put everyone into carriers and we are going to see the veterinarian to give everyone their shots and to fix the mother so that this will be the last set of offspring she’ll ever have.

It’s not that I’m trying to be cruel here but rather just trying to cut down the number of unwanted feral cats roaming around. If you can’t manage them, don’t get them. Cats are fine as mousers and companion animals but let’s face it, we don’t need them EVERYWHERE. I’ve seen people go gaga for cats so much that it becomes a health issue. I have my limits.

When I get to that time where I take them to get shots and all, I’ll let everyone know the details of the collection.  I want them all taken by people willing to give them good homes. This means the mother cat as well but if I have to, I’ll kick her outside so I don’t have to deal with her either. I have my own cat and she’s a handful as it is because of her age.

I know I have a couple people asking for details but soon, soon everyone can take them away … before I get attached to the evil things.

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