Part of being a computer technician is having some mechanical skill. For me, I grew up on a farm where I got some experience working with carpentry, machinery, and Lego to give me some ideas on how things worked. In no way have I ever become an expert at building or repairing anything outside of a computer but I do dabble.

One of my personal interests is the Advance Design series of trucks from Chevrolet. I just love their look and have tried over the years to get one of my own. However, instead of finding a pickup and getting it running, I took the harder approach and have been trying to put one together from an assortment of parts.

Despite a ton of setbacks I still have the project going and whenever I can, I try to work on getting the beast together. After going different directions with many ideas on how I want to do this, I am closer to some kind of result even though I still don’t have it complete. Ideally, I would like to find someone willing to sell me the pickup on the cheap and go from there but they are hard to find.

The current plan is to use a 1990 S-10 chassis and put the body of the 1950/1953 truck parts on top of it. This way I get the look and feel of the old truck but the modern ride and performance of a newer truck. The thing that I will miss with this plan is the unique sound of the inline six cylinder engine.

The S-10 has a 4.3L V-6 and right now it isn’t running very smooth. I have to take the alternator into Van’s to have it rebuilt and then do an oil change on it before taking it over to a mechanic to find out why it misses on one cylinder. After that is straightened out, then I’m taking the thing all apart so I can get at the frame.

I have the frame of a 1953 pickup to use as a reference and get the proper mounting dimensions figured out. I can then use some of the original brackets and plates to make sure the body panels line up. I am only lacking one other key piece and that is a straight 5-window cab.

The cab I have was damaged in a wind storm and since they are harder to find that the pickups themselves, it has been another sticking point in this process. I think I have found one but it is going to take some negotiating and I’m not very good with that process.

At times, I think I should just find someone with an abandoned pickup and buy it off of them and forego all of this custom stuff. I think I get talked into doing ideas that other people like and are not in my best interest. I really don’t know.

Anyway, I’m tinkering with what I can and from here I will try to find some kind of solution.

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