Slowly Suffocating Ourselves Away

I find it humorous that the planet is clearly showing signs of trouble that were caused by human activity and yet those that can actually provide some sort of relief are turning a blind eye to the issue. Still, I try to offer some kind of solution if anyone can hear it.

One thing that is impacting a lot of these changes is the increase in CO2 into the atmosphere so quickly. A solution that has some success is to store vast quantities of the gas in compressed cylinders deep within the Earth in areas that do not experience ground shifting. Anything else requires even more energy use which would generate more CO2 and therefore defeat the purpose of the whole thing.

I thought of a different way of doing this but so far I don’t see it going anywhere. You see, taking CO2 and splitting it requires a bunch of energy, just as much as it takes to produce it if you were to try it through chemical means. A plant can do it much more efficiently but we would need to replace and add many times the plants we have destroyed to even get anywhere stopping let alone reversing the CO2 release we are experiencing now.

My idea is to combine a chemical process with a plant process to power scrub the CO2 from the air in a way such that it will not get back out easily. This process would require the construction of large trellises to grow a specific plant type both horizontally and vertically. The platforms would grow plants without soil but use hydroponics and use both directed and reflected sunlight to reduce the total power needed to run these farms.

What is key is that the plants would need to be a type that produces very high concentrations of sugar. The harvest would include reducing the plants with Sulfuric Acid.

You can find videos online of dehydrating sugar with sulfuric acid and it produces two things. Solid Carbon and Water Steam. The acid is never destroyed and can be reused so the process can be repeated. It also produces a bunch of heat and that can be recovered to help with the plant production. It could work.

I tried once to get help from a chemist at SDSU on how to get the best results but he felt it was easier to just convert the CO2 into cement but that wouldn’t be permanent as many things could happen and cause the cement to break down and release the gas again. Still, he was unmoved.

So, there’s my little plan. Let’s see if anyone else finds out about it.

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