Being Watched

Yesterday I called Verizon to find out when they would be releasing the Windows 8.1 update for my phone and the representative really didn’t have a clear answer for me. I got direction to a website about the progression of the update and surprisingly there were a few users stating that they had gotten the update in the last few days.

There is nothing about this update on Verizon’s site unless you dig deep into the website and one such person did just that and shared a PDF showing that they were updating my phone model but no details of when. Samsung’s website is also very quiet about the issue.

Today I powered up my phone and there on the screen was the update waiting for me to install it. Frankly, I am glad to have it now as it will allow me to use some features that I have been wanting since I got the phone. But it made me wonder, did this just happen or did Verizon flag my conversation and push the update to me?

Pretty much everyone online today is being watched by some entity whether it be by their parents, their school, their workplace, their social media site, advertisers, state and federal governments, or the unknown lurkers in between the bits. You give up a portion of your privacy every time you sign in to the Internet and more and more, you are not even aware of your connection.

I would guess that a lot of people are aware of this but not really concerned with it because if they were, society would make a great push to avoid the technology and in fact I see quite the opposite. In my case, I only let out information I chose to the world and despite the fact there is systems in place to predict what I don’t let out into the ether, they are just guessing.

Still, it makes me wonder if it was just chance that I got that update.

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