That Cliff

One night not long ago I was sitting in my chair playing on the tablet and had the incredible urge to just go for a drive. It was late and despite the weather being just perfect, I was really reluctant to go out even though I had the strongest urges to be out on the road. After much bickering with myself, I finally just grabbed my keys and headed out. I didn’t know where I was going, just had to be out for some odd reason.

The car started and the radio came on to the oldies station to which I had inexplicably set it to the last time I was in the vehicle. After a moment to make sure the engine was at operating temperature, I drove out of the yard and down the street to get to the open road. A few houses had their lights on but mostly the town was quiet and peaceful with a cat crossing the street being the only life out and about aside from myself of course.

I wasn’t going to get too far before a craving started to gnaw at my mind. So, before I went into the complete darkness of the night I managed to get to the gas station in the next town before it closed. The bare necessities, Raspberry Tea and Energy Bars plus, were all that I required and soon I was once again behind the wheel of my silver chariot.

The air was slightly warm which made the air coming out of the vents almost frigid so I had to at least turn on the heat to make things comfortable. After cracking open the first tea and nibbling on one of the energy bars I had already set my sights on travelling west into the unknown darkness on the smooth road before me.

An hour later I had passed by a couple towns that were only glowing from the street lights yet remaining lifeless as people slept in their respected homes. The time slipped away as I cracked open another tea and nibbled again on more power bars not really for the energy but rather for something to keep me awake as I drove. The initial burst of energy I had for the urge to get out an drive had waned and I needed to do something or fall into a harrowing ordeal of driving while barely aware of what was happening.

The sky was just stunning once away from most of the lights of the few cars out here with me and every once and awhile there would be a dash of light skipping off the sky like a flat stone skipping over the water on a calm pond. I turned off the radio to listen to the wind whistle past the mirror on the door and to also hear the rhythmic rumble of the tires rolling over the imperfections in the road. These soothing sounds along with the magic of the night must have been the trigger as suddenly I wasn’t where I should have been.

I really had to use the bathroom. I walked down a hallway to the door where the bathroom should be but the door led to a room of just sinks but then there was another door and behind that was a series of stalls each with their respective toilet. It was really frustrating though because all of the toilets, no matter which one I went to, were plugged and filled to the top with icky water. Toilet paper chunks floated thickly in the water and some appeared to have been plugged for days without one person to take the time to clean or unclog them. The scariest part was that all of the toilets were taller than they should be at, the seats were nearly level with my chest.

Every room I went to had the same situation, toilets behind multiple doors and all plugged or running over in pools of the worst kind and I really needed to go bad. I heard an alarm go off and I turned to see what it was and that is when I jolted back into the world I should have been in all that time.

It could have been minutes or seconds but I will never be sure but I had nearly driven head-on into another car. Their horn blaring in the distance was all that remained of the notification as I tried to regain my consciousness and find some road to pull off onto. Luckily they didn’t turn around to chew me out for what I had done and I could see their tail lights just crest another hill before disappearing in the distance. After doubling back to another side road I found a small approach to which I could park the car and get my bearings.

In all of the excitement I had pissed myself and my pants and the car seat were soaked with the filtered byproduct of my large tea consumption. My phone was dead and I had forgot to bring the charging cord so I had no idea where I was at and decided to just lock the doors, slide into the back seat, and get some sleep.

Before too long I was gasping for air and there was none to be found. Water was all around me and I had no idea how far under I was as it was still to dark to see anything. I couldn’t feel the water but it was choking me and I numbly banged on the car doors in an effort to be free but I was starting to lose, starting to die, and with one last punch I nearly broke my hand on a glass bottle that was on the floor.

The sun was just coming up and I woke up again but this time gasping for air and reeling from a ringing headache of monstrous proportions. I should never sleep without my breathing system and I don’t have the kit to run it in the car so lesson learned there. Once the brain was able to think again I looked around to see where I was.

After getting to a truck stop and loading up with some caffeine drinks I made the journey back home. It took four hours and most of that was driving into the rising sunlight and it really helped in keeping me awake this time. The car made it home on a few whispers of fuel and I sat in the driveway for a few minutes to try and fully comprehend what had happened. Eventually I walked back into the house, stripped, showered, put on some undies then crashed into the bed. The cat was not too happy that I didn’t feed her so I had to get up for a moment to take care of her needs and then I went to bed.

From doing all of this I learned that when I have urges to do strange things in the middle of the night, I should make sure I am fully rested and have the phone fully charged. I don’t know why I had the urge to go out so late or why I even did it but evidently I needed to know something new and get a different perspective on life. I just hope that from now on my dreams are a little sweeter.

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