A Forty Year Flight

This past weekend I celebrated my 40th birthday with friends, family, dinners, gambling, and a little shopping and now four days later I am just getting into a position where I can make a constructive comment on the whole event. Pretty much everything was great and I got some cool presents from a select few that really made me smile. So without further ado, I will give you a little summary of what has happened.

When I look at my age, I don’t see myself as forty years old but rather that I have completed 40 Years. You don’t celebrate your first birthday until after completing that first year and as such I have completed my 40th and I am now currently exploring my 41st year of life. It has been a year of recovery for me and I will admit that emotionally the whole experience has been really hard on me. I continue to work through the pain of losing Angela and I keep talking about it just to let the issue flow out and not eat away at me. Physically the last year has been a wash as I have not lost any weight but neither have I gained any. My tumor has reduced and continues to do so as I try to keep up with my medications but in the same respect my dental woes have mounted as the teeth slowly fall apart or get forcefully pulled from their sockets. Oh look … cake!

I’ll just skip to this weekend and get this over with.

May 2nd, I attended the Super Happy Funtime Burlesque Show with Kellie Bingen and Jon Barnes and proceeded to laugh my ass off from the rude, lewd, and hilarious event. I look forward every year to this group and I encourage anyone that can handle it to come watch it. Everyone is really nice and like I said you will really enjoy it. We got out of there at about 1:00am and I made it home around 2:00am then got to sleep by 4:00am.

May 3rd, I finished cleaning up around the house as I could. The whole month had been a sporadic frenzy of throwing stuff out and putting things away so that visitors could see my domicile without having to view piles of things and the clutter I had obtained from getting items from Angela and my aunt Sharon. At 5:00pm my parents and my uncle Billy arrived and headed to the Wellington Browns here in Montrose. After sitting for a bit talking about the building and the locals some of the other guests started to drift in. My sister Michele came just as Jason and Leah Toering and Mike Baker had arrived and shortly after Jim Hock followed. While we worked on the meal of the night both Jon Barnes and Nathan Headley also joined. After good conversation and good food we proceeded to the ceremony of singing and cake. (I’m still working on that, it’s mostly just frosting but it’s a good breakfast treat.) After cake, the family headed back home and the friends stopped over at my house for a tour. Eventually people had to leave but Nathan and I sat and talked into the night.

May 4th, back to work. Well, actually it was a matter of helping a friend’s brother out so it’s not really work. After about 3 hours of things not working out correctly I had to pack the system up and take it home. (Kids, don’t let your computers get viruses because it can really suck to fix them.) In the meantime, while working on the system he ordered pizza so more free food and I wasn’t going to argue. After leaving there I went to Nathan’s and sat and talked with him while watching the Bar Rescue marathon. Eventually we ventured out into the wild to look at some small town scenery and in the process we saw a couple other friends. By the time we got back to town it was time for more food and Nathan treated me to a Denny’s meal. The night didn’t end until 1:00am as we stayed up talking some more and again I didn’t get home until 2:00am and then to bed at 3:00am.

May 5th, my actual Birth Day! I can’t really remember waking up for the past couple days but my cake appears to be disappearing. Lots of people wishing me Happy Birthday on Facebook and I decided to take the day in stride. After working on the computer issue and doing a few things around the house I managed to get out and on the road. The drive was pretty casual but had the similarities of going into Sioux Falls and seeing a friend. Pizza Ranch had given me a free $5.00 credit on my rewards card so I stopped and got a Bacon Chicken Wrap and a soda. My destination put me in Iowa to enter into the Grand Falls casino and blow the birthday cash I had received from May 3rd. The casino gave me a $10.00 credit for the event and a free shirt so it was already a plus. I walked in with $42 and left with $100. Ended up buying myself a four-wheel garden cart and a bowl of Cold Stone ice cream before heading home again and I was so happy I stayed up for a few hours to put the cart together.

May 6th, still riding the birthday wave. The cake is starting to dwindle down to only frosting around the edge. Back to real work by helping out A&C Business Services in Salem and while there the owner took me out for dinner. After that the day was filled with software updates so lots of excitement, woo hoo! Things ended well after my friends at the Salem Campground invited me out for a supper of Spaghetti, Salad, Toast, and Wine. After more chatting and watching some TV I made it home a little earlier this time and got to sleep just after midnight.

Today was pretty much a routine day aside from one small thing. My mother bought me a shirt and sent it to me in the mail. I was really surprised to see it and even more so surprised that she was able to get it in an oversize to fit me. I will wear it in public this summer, as soon as it warms up some. Angela’s mother called to check on me and that was another nice surprise. I could surely stand to handle a few more pleasant surprises. The only other one is that my little sister Marisa could not come to my party but on Easter she gave me my present of Rabbids and some 86% Dark Chocolate … the chocolate was awesome.

All of these things are great and now I continue on this flight. Well, it is sort of a flight. Life, as we know it, appears to be long and drawn out but in the grand view of the universe it is a mere blip of existence. I view it as something a little closer to home in that right now I have orbited our Sun 40 times now. That’s the only flight I will ever be on where I can feel comfortable going around in circles.

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