Unexpected Redevelopment Introspection

Earlier I had to “Toot My Own Horn” about the creation of a program in Excel for a customer of mine that I was proud of. Since that time I have further refined the code to make the size smaller allowing it to run more efficiently and continue to work on it to make it more dynamic.

Although the program works great for my client, it still needs some modifications before I would consider it finished. I would say it is past Alpha and is going through Beta testing. But just this Friday I got an e-mail that threw me off and has me a little bit worried.

So first off, the program is a work-around for another program that doesn’t provide all the report details on end of month data. The company that makes the program I am doing this with has no part of this and they had not been interested in updating their code to just spit out the requested reports.

On Friday I got an e-mail from a representative from the company. Apparently my client told them what I had created and they want me to give them a call … to do the same thing for another client they have, in Canada.

Monday I will find out what it is all about and maybe I will need to put some more work in to finish this program. I’m half tempted to recreate the program into an executable application of its own but, first I have to see where this leads. Maybe try out the Python language that a friend has pointed me to.

Hopefully I don’t have to drive to Canada.

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