Power Shovel

I’ve been working on my house and my business over the last few months and have been able to succeed more in this time than I had in several years. Some of this is because of sheer will power of trying to become something more than I was and some of this is because my life changed in a way that there was nothing else to do but invest time into these projects.

Lately there have been a few setbacks that have put my plans on a different track and I’m sure there will be more to come. This has meant that certain targets will not be reached on the same schedule I had initially forecasted and some concessions will be made to compensate.

For my company things are rolling along nicely. I’m surviving on what I’m making and have been gaining new customers with the help of other customers and friends. I have managed to get some “logo wear” that I can wear to jobs and now that the Malibu is fixed up I can get some mobile signage on it. Just a few more company projects and I should be able to survive on my own from now on. I’ll be so happy you just won’t comprehend it.

For my home there are some good things and some problems there. The major issues I have with the house is that some of the things that I had lined up to get done with little to no money have suddenly turned into extra expenses. Because of that, I am now scrambling to get other projects in line to compensate for both time and money and I’m also going to need to put some items on hold until I can get the money to afford them. The main goals of water and heat should be met but the facilities will remain in disrepair while I use them and it will cost me more to live this winter while I deal with the lack of insulation needs.

The newest discovery is that there isn’t a crawlspace under the west side of the house. Rather there is dirt about eight inches under the floor joists and then they connect over to a rock foundation on the other side. It isn’t going to take a whole lot to fix the foundation on that side or to put in heat ducts but I would have liked to be able to move around in there so that plastic barrier could be put in but I guess I will have to save that for another day.

Things are coming to a head and I really need to get everything taken care of soon. I want to finish hauling out the bath tub and the old water heater before it gets too damn cold out to have the doors wide open. I still need to do more digging and demolition so that I can start putting in the water and heat systems properly. It’s a confounding mess but I’m sure I will get it figured out soon enough.

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