I guess I should start with me first as I am the one that needs the most attention for now. I’m handling the emotions as they come. A lot of the time the pain is manageable but once and awhile, at the most unexpected times, I lose myself in a good cry. It causes my sinuses to plug though so it doesn’t last long. I need to breathe.

The Cat:
Babe doesn’t respond to “Babe” but prefers “Kitty”. She’s really skinny but produces a steady run of hair. Various samplings of soft kitty food keeps her content. When I get to a point in the day where there is nothing else to do, she sits on my lap and sleeps.

Digging up the basement floor to put in a new pad. Then I can put in a new water heater and furnace on a nice clean and level surface. Had an electrician look at my service and will update it a little soon.

I am steadily gaining customers and working to promote myself more. Just need to get to a point where I have enough every month to sustain myself.


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