I tried to set this space aside for only positive reflection but my life has had less and less positive moments to reflect upon. Actually quite the opposite really and I don’t know where to go with it anymore. Maybe I’m dwelling too much on the negativity. There are positives, just that the bad things have far outweighed the good things.

The car situation has been a mixed bag with one car clearly having ongoing issues with the engine and transmission and the other one just buzzing along without a hiccup. The only issue right now is that I need to get new front tires for the little car.

The house needs some yard work and usually that means some trimming and picking up sticks but I’ve already had one tree fall onto the house and I’m afraid another will soon.

The worst is that things were finally lining up for Angela and I. I was getting her to go see a doctor and we were going to go places this summer but she got sick. Its a story for another day but the short of it is that I’ve lost my best friend of all time. I’ve been destroyed emotionally and creatively. The life that was going up has crashed down on me and quite frankly, I’m tired of always losing.

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