It’s about 3am and I’m sitting on the edge of my friend’s bed watching the snow swirl in mid-air going down then up then sideways off around the edge of the building, wondering which part is the wind, gravity, and luck. I’m working through a head cold at the moment. It’s a day of sneezing and sniffling and coughing, basically shifting mucus from one part to another in an attempt to feel good enough to get some rest. I’ve been up all day wondering if I should indeed rest, I hate suffocating so I feel better being awake.

The snow is hypnotic and I stare into the amber sky as plows try to clear the roads near the apartment. The phone is playing a podcast of Penn’s Sunday School where they are chatting with one of the members of Herman’s Hermits talking about knowing the Beatles and other stars of the time.

The coughing is the worst. I had a cup of hot cherry flavored tea and that helped but only for a short while. It’s getting to the point where I have to get some sleep and hope I actually can. It’s just no fun. On the upside I downloaded some songs that I can mentally ingest from the Kill Bill soundtrack. I’m always looking for stuff that peaks my interest and my Zune player has a music subscription that gets me anything I want for about ten bucks a month.

The snow is still dancing in the air and my ears are stinging while my nose starts to plug up again. Wonderful is all I can really say. Let’s just hope the Sentra can manage the snow when I have to go back to work. Well, I have to stop rambling, it’s getting me off track.

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