I made the note in my last post that I would start writing of my successes instead of my regrets and failures but lately it has been very hard for me to recognize any success I may have achieved. After being sick, having a car break down, and losing my dog Digbee all within about a month’s time there hasn’t been a whole lot of positive derive into a good post but I will try.

One positive is that I got my new phone. It’s a HTC Trophy Windows 7.5 phone that I have wanted since I got my first Windows phone but because of timing would not acquire earlier. The upgrade was simple and the features have been stellar compared to the struggles of friends that try to figure out their Android phones. Plus, with Xbox Live on it the games are much cooler than any other phone I have seen thus far.

I have a new APAP machine to let me sleep better at night. It has taken a bit to get used to but the features make it the best one I have ever used. The neatest part is that it stores data on a standard SD card and it can be linked to a USB connection so maybe I can hack it to upload information dynamically to a health store I use.

The only thing that is positive from the latest tragedy is that I’m getting the house cleaned up. It has been difficult to keep up after a bored dog as he had ripped open bags and destroyed furniture. Aside from that, Digbee was a great friend and I will miss having him around physically. I feel that he has decided to stay with me for awhile longer as I sense him with me wherever I go now and he still curls up beside me on the bed.

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