Religion doesn’t accept science but religion cannot exist without science.

Science has it’s hold on everything in this universe from infinitely small to infinitely large and yet it refuses to see the paranormal.

Paranormal events are largely based in the world of physics and quantum physics but religion has clouded this realization with mythology.

Mythology breaks down to stories with slivers of truth in them and yet it is those slivers that can be proven.

By proving something, science has shown that it can even show the reality of the paranormal.

Yet, will anyone take it seriously.

I bought a three-wheel bike last year and I’m converting it to be a little cooler. Also salvaged a trailer for the trike. I’m going to be the guy riding around town collecting cans in my bike trailer to sell for scrap. Plans are to mount a can crusher on the trailer.

My push mower is in need of a tuneup. The Sentra needs brakes. The lawn tractor needs a throttle cable. The house needs a membrane cap. I need a stronger source of revenue.

I’m deep into a relationship with three married women … and I thought my life was screwed up. Oh wait.

Someone at the bar the other night asked why the Germans never made a BMW SS …

So tired of sitting around that I need to take a nap just to refresh enough to walk to the bathroom.

Craig Ferguson is being followed by two hamsters.

Does this blog make my head look fat?

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