I’m glad at least one person totally gets what I’m dealing with when I talk about how my mind feels with this whole tumor thing but too bad it’s just my endocrinologist. The thing is getting treated, finally, and the outlook is promising and I’m glad I don’t have to go in to see him that often because the bill for one visit isn’t pretty. Despite the good there is the bad and although I try not to dwell on it, I’m just flat out tired all of the time because the medication does that to me. I don’t think I can afford to be buying the amount of caffiene I need to stay awake all day long and still I have the “mind fog”. It just makes my days harder to handle and then I have to try and work like this … oh well.

I need to get to a dentist. My teeth are falling apart on me and I need to get them handled properly. I know it’s my fault for not taking proper care of them but it was never a habit that was well formed in my life. I’ve tried to make the task easier by keeping a brush and paste near me in the car, at home, and wherever I stay but I still can’t remember to do it. Even after dealing with the extreme pain of an infection and having molars pulled, without being knocked out, I still can’t get it done. As for the dentist themselves I don’t have an issue with them as long as they are nice and I’ve had some great dentists and some real assholes but it just comes down to money and schedules. It’s been rough to be me.

On the up side I put an Oxygen Sensor in the Sentra and it’s running a little better! There is now a little problem with  the idle not staying even but the plan is not to be idling all the time. The care seems a little peppier and doesn’t backfire with quite so loud of burps when coasting in gear. Good thing too since it feels as if the transmission is failing on the Malibu. Can’t win them all.

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