In Estherville Iowa there is a Casey’s gas station and across the corner, a couple hundred feet away, there is another Casey’s gas station. It’s like Lewis Black talking about being at a Starbucks and then coming to find out that across the street, in the same building, there is another Starbucks. Why hasn’t the universe imploded on itself?

For the most part, ghosts/spirits/angels/deamons are not what religion tells you they are. If people would just relax and take time in their lives to really experience the world around them, they would see that there are things that we cannot see that are living amonst us and sometimes helping us get from one step to the other. On the other hand, if people would put some money into proper research we could communicate directly with the energies around us and work on how ghosts can levitate objects without physical contact. I want my flying car.

Speaking of cars, I found out that I can get a Cherry Bomb exhaust system for the Nissan. Not that it really needs a performance exhaust system on it but it just has a little nostalgia after growing up and dad having Cherry Bomb Glasspacks on the the Nova. Maybe on the next replacement set I can do that but right now it’s too expensive to do that kind of an upgrade on such a low-end car.

Not a whole lot else going on. Just trying to keep the fire lit and the kids fed. Maybe in the next posting I can put more substance into my writings but the way things are going, it might just be more babbling.

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