For a while now I have been looking at subtle improvements for the internal combustion engine for cars to eek out more mileage and trying to figure out how I can apply it to my own needs. One method merely involves heating either the fuel or the air before it is mixed and sucked into the cylinder. In either attempt, many people point out their pros and cons but no real proof that one or the other works to any degree, just speculation.

So I was looking into the exhaust system of the Nissan and I happen to see another part that talks about the intake manifold needing to be drained before removing it and it dawns on me that this car has had what I’ve been  thinking about all this time. I’ve even read about the intake being heated by the coolant and it never dawned on me that it was heating the combined air and fuel together to improve combustion in the engine. So now, I’m just trying to get that car in better condition so I can drive it more … maybe soon. Right now though, I need to have the spark plugs replaced in the Malibu.

Things with work have been progressing nicely although it really burns up my residual money when I get sent to a number of distant locations all in a week. Right now I’m pretty much burned out after covering for a few people but all in all I enjoy the responsibility and my supervisor really enjoys what I can accomplish. Recently I’ve finished my certification in one of the upcoming accounts and now I’m trying to get through two other accounts for even more work. I recently stumbled onto a page in the system that has some kind of Windows 7 certification so I might be looking at that as well.

Otherwise I’m only able to take a few long drive calls this week and then I’m done until Friday. Hopefully I can get some other work in to compensate for the shortcomings I’m experiencing now.

Digbee is doing alright and he still enjoys going on walks although we stay away from anything that looks dangerous as in big dog related. He’s starting to not use his left rear leg as much but that’s probably his age showing because that’s the leg with the knee problem. I can imagine he’s getting rather old now and this issue won’t get any better but I’ll try to pamper him as much as I can. He gets his rawhide treats, hot dogs, and long walks so he’s going to be around for a bit yet.

Lastly it looks like a number of my material messes have lingered longer than planned. I’ve worked out what I’m going to do with them but some require that things be done in a certain order and it’s the keys to these initial steps that I’m missing. Oh well. One of these days.

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