I think I finally figured out what my dizziness problem is. Actually, I found out that the term “dizziness” isn’t the correct one to use in my case and that may have played a part in confusing my doctor and in reality my feeling is more “heavy-headedness”, the opposite of “light-headedness”. The difference in the two is how much blood pressure you have where heavy is high and light is low.

At first I thought it was diet or position or some combination of the two btu none of them really held up to any known condition and therefore no solution. Once I figured out the correct term though, then the pieces started to fall into place.

So randomly it would appear that I get this heavy feeling and sometimes it’s so strong I can’t do basic things like concentrate, type at the computer, drive, and I would have to sit and wait for it to go away or take a nap. What’s causing it though is just stress and the mroe stressed I am the more likely this issue comes up. The nice thing now is I know exactly what to do when the feeling starts and that is to just relax. Once I relax it takes mere minutes for the feeling to stop and I can get on with my tasks.

Right now I don’t have any way of preventing it from happening and I can’t see the doctor about it until I get some other issues figured out. I just wish I could get those other things done sooner.

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