I work on a lot of computers and interact with many customers and it always mystifies me when I run into the person that goes overboard to describe how totally fantastic one model of computer system is so super hugely awesome and another is completely horrible and then proceed to ask me my thoughts. Generally, I see the work as something enjoyable but I don’t get psyched-up or overly concerned about how great or horrible technology can be because I’m more concerned with solving a customer problem.

So I watch these people, usually young males, go into wild motions to rave about their computer choices like a young car nut raves about all the minute details of their car engine, gear ratios, and performance upgrades and I think to myself – smile and nod. Once I manage to get away I’ll take a deep breath and then move on to my next task.

This is similar to many professionals that I’ve talked to over the years. When you do the work you do there is a desire not to do it at home. Once you’ve completed your day of skill work, you want to relax to the best of your ability with something else and the more time you spend doing something else, the better you can enjoy your life.

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