When I opted to get a smartphone I really wanted to get something that met more of my business and calling needs over my entertainment desires. After looking over the breadth of devices and providers I settled on a Windows 6.5 HTC Ozone, much to the horror of some of my friends.

After using it for the last six months I find that it is a really nice device for what I use it for and was elated when there were features on it that I had longed to use from other devices such as a digital organizer and voice recorder. Now I could take notes while driving without having to have pen and paper in hand while navigating a busy roadway since I’m prone to come up with little ideas on the fly.

Of course it doesn’t quite meet all of my desires as a device and I could only find this out by actually having a smartphone and seeing what I could and could not do with it. All in all I really like the phone for it’s intergration of Windows applications with regular Windows on my computer and with information stored in my webmail account but I am finding that this is not the system I want to stay in when I have the chance to upgrade to another system.

My real decision of what I will do really rests upon what I would have for a personal computer at the time my contract allows for an upgrade. If I have a system with the latest version of Windows on it be that 7 or 8, then I probrably would really like to get the new Windows Mango when that is released onto the market but if I’m still tooling around with my Windows XP laptop from days gone by then I’m going to opt for an Android phone.

In either case I need to have something with a little more interactivity for when I’m on the go so I can access the pages of technical information and work orders for the company I work through more easily. Right now my device is much like a Blackberry and it’s good for texting and the occasional e-mail but in this fast paced world it is difficult to navigate websites and documents with a little screen and an even smaller cursor.

Lastly, the choice of Android over iPhone comes down to one major problem that I found with Microsoft and it exists in Apple’s court as well and that is continued support of open ideas. My Windows phone can’t be upgraded to Windows 7 and they just recently annouced that they would not only no longer support 6.5 but they would also shut down a number of the services related to it that I actually use.  With that, Apple may be a great computer but they have become so Orwellian with the creation, use, and marketing of any software that goes through them and I’d rather use something that gives me freedoms like Google apparently is allowing for.

In either case I’m kind of stuck with the phone I chose for a while and given another six months I may change my opinion again but right now, I’m working with the Empire and I’m looking for a droid.

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