The darkness in the cool air the smokers gather around places set just for them. Conversation is the same and now that the outdoors are as safe as the indoors, patrons no longer need to huddle away from the bitter cold.

My special place in all of this is to exist but not exist and keep a general feeling of the story as it unrolls from the scroll.

The keeper and the keep are a symbiotic beast that lives and breathes the life of the now and the then. Only the few of the order know where all the energies sit and how the ghosts mingle with the living.

The lord and the lady are illuminated with colorful halos and dance their way around the keep. It is in their secrets the mysteries bind together and a marriage is balanced.

My mind swirls with thoughts and feelings to the sound of dark ritualistic beats. I want to walk into the Black Lodge and meet my twin for I think he has the freedom which I still desire. The night calls out to me in song and still I hold my silence.

The problem with observation is that opinion poisons objectivity and the goal is mutated by desires. Such is the case with a fetish of body style as it changes my view of the people I entertain and the story changes again.

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