My inner thoughts remind me of the inner dialouge that one hears on the show ‘Scrubs’. Although the television show has obvious editing to put the emotional and comedy spins on things, my thoughts would sometimes be clearly innapropriate for public viewing. Still, I wish I had some of it recorded so that I could go back and write some of the ideas I have down when I didn’t have something else to note them down on. The thought that I think of some great things only to have the ideas dissapate into the neural void is a little bothersome.

A lot of my ideas have just been allocated to my mind and I haven’t had the presence of mind to write anything down but I’ve been really trying hard to get something done. Biggest thing is that I’m dealing with my dizziness and just overall heaviness (both body and mind). Don’t know what to do about it in my current situation so I’m just improvising.


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