I had an idea about the blending of fuels that are used in cars so I put together a little letter to send off for an answer. Since then I poked around on the internet to see what materials had the highest energy density and I stumbled upon something that I find incredibly interesting: Lithium Borohydride

Apparently this stuff has a similar energy density of gasoline but it’s a solid. Instead of setting it on fire, it can be used in a fuel cell to create electricity and one of the by-products of the reaction is hydrogen gas which, can be used in a fuel cell to create electricity again.

The crazy part of this is that the chemical that is left over after removing the hydrogen can be rehydrated with water and electricity, something a simple solar station can could do for the cost of … nothing.

So get this, you build an electric car with dual fuel cells where one holds the lithium borohydride and it pipes hydrogen into the second. The electricity from both cells charges the batteries that the motors and electronics run off of. When the reaction completes, you remove the waste material and place it into your reclaimer back home for a total cost of nothing or at the nearest filling station reclaimer for more fuel and a small credit exchange.

Yeah, I know there are other technical issues I may not be aware of but its something to really think about. It’s another “big oil” conspiracy subject to look at because this is the first I’ve heard of this process. Time to figure out how to build a couple fuel cells.

Update: {I really have to stop doing research at night when I’m tired. I jumped from one article about Lithium Borohydride to another about Sodium Borohydride in Fuel Cells and muddled the importance of what I was trying to get at. Thanks to Stu for waking me up to the price of the Lithium compound … back to the drawing board.}

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2 Responses to Dehydrocarbonization

  1. Stu Wunder says:

    $23 a gram – makes gas look cheap.|BRAND_KEY&N4=222356|ALDRICH&N25=0&QS=ON&F=SPEC

    • Sundermeyer says:

      Whoops, late night reasearch gone awry!

      Okay, I got an article on LiBH4 mixed up with one on NaBH4 and that makes a lot of practical difference. I put in an article update. Please ignore the man behind the curtain.

      Thanks Stu.

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