One of my flaws is the inability to let go of things easily. I tend to hold onto things that I think are special or that I feel that I can use sometime in the future. Most of the time this tends to be computer and electronic components and there have been times where I did not know where to put it all. Thankfully I’m not flawed completely and I’m not a habitual hoarder but after looking at some things this morning, I feared that I may be collecting too much.

My first realization that maybe I had too much stuff was after I was diagnosed with the tumor. I went through a few predictable phases where I felt compelled to offload anything I didn’t really need to clean up my life. Internally, I held the reasoning that after being to so many auctions and garage sales, I could not wish upon anyone to have to go through my stuff and try to figure out what to do with it all should something happen where I could not function in life or was dead.

After about six months that feeling of having too much passed by and I got back into my old life. I find computers and computer related junk and take it home. If it’s something big I break it down into metal, plastic, and electronics and recycle most of it usually at a financial loss but there is always some part of the whole that I think I can use in the future. Otherwise I find some small bit that looks interesting and store that away to use on something. But today, while I was reviewing my collection of collections, I saw that I was accumulating a number of things that had no future with me.

My father is an electrical engineer and while growing up I got to see some amazing things made out of electronics and that has been part of what has made me a computer technician.  What I wish I could do but I never could grasp was how to take those little bits, the resistors, capacitors, ICs, triacs, chokes, diodes, transistors, and transformers and make devices out of them. I can make simple circuits but other than making things turn on and off I’m lost on all the logic patterns and mathematical formulas to get anything built.

So I dream and I collect and I amass and now I have pretty much is a collection of junk and now it’s time to clean up again. Almost everything must go. I’m keeping two computers and a laptop as they have some functional purposes along with a printer and a scanner but everything else has got to go. I’ll send it all off to the recycling center because maybe they can make something useful out of the tired parts.

In the end I should have more room and less junk sitting around. I’ll still have a lot of work to do to get my possessions refined but soon I want to have a organized and clean home instead of a storage facility with a conglomeration of things I may never use.

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