Rick slept on the cool pile of earth with one arm resting over his head while the other laid out on the ground, his hand digging into the soil. It was his third night here waiting for an answer and then hearing nothing until sleep overcame him. The sun would be kind enough to wake him in the morning but after walking all day, he had to come back and wait.


Rick and Sammy met on the playground of their local school one day in their fifth year. Both boys had an interest in the same sports and each enjoyed rough-housing around, picking on the girls, and taking on the dares of fellow classmates. You could see it in their eyes that they were meant to be together forever.

Before the end of high school the pair had created plenty of havoc but also became respectable young men with honors in football and academic skills alike. They were looked up to by the staff and student body alike and yet there were the secrets that they kept that made them even more special.

Rick was dating Mandy and Sammy was in between loves when they got caught in their rouse. Rick and Sammy were in the back seat of Mandy’s car as she drove them home from the party in Glen Hollow and in the darkness she glanced into her mirror to see the two boys kissing. She said nothing and did nothing but Mandy isn’t one to be timid or quiet and a rumor slipped out.

To protect her relationship and to create an alibi for the rumor she made it appear that someone had noticed Sammy kissing another boy at the party, outside in the darkness. Like a fire on the vapor trail of gasoline Mandy’s words burned through the school to destroy everything that Sammy had touched. Rick tried to help fix the situation and quash the rumor but it was too late for him to be taken seriously and he feared what the fire would do to both of them should the whole story be revealed.

Those that ended up with the traces of Sammy’s life on their hands were protected by the corruption of society. The model citizens of this city could not handle the idea of such behavior from someone that was to be a hero of their children. The parents protected their children when the story was laid upon paper and the act became a freak accident. No tolerances are allowed when society has stamped the ugly seals of conformity.

Sammy was beaten, kicked, and then thrown from a moving vehicle into the path of a truck in the opposite lane. There wasn’t much to find in all the red and when Mandy smiled at Rick the next morning he knew something horrible had been done.

He’s broken inside, his friend and love of all time was gone and Rick is distraught with questions. He didn’t choose to be this way, he just loved and showed that love in a way that felt alright and that feeling was shared with Sammy. So now he curls up every evening on Sammy’s grave in the hopes that his spirit will find Rick and they can both go on to a better place.


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