Not Labeled For Individual Sale

I just want to point out a few things that are unrelated except for the new fact that they are all on this posting.

First off the jet to fly the highest from the ground on its own power is the F-104 with a max of 100,000 feet. (300,000 feet is the start of low-earth orbit) Making it up that extra 200,000 feet into space would require a little bigger plane and the addition of liquid rocket engines to take over for the turbine when the oxygen levels became to thin. A single-person craft might just be able to make it up and back but I’m no areospace engineer.

Someone pointed out that the current system already can put up five people and some cargo but my intention was for small, personal space ships and not a cargo ship. An in-orbit space port could be put in place by an unmanned cargo rocket just as ESA puts other things up there. I wonder how much money you could make by running mineral trips to the moon and back?

I think I have an attention issue from being on the internet combined with my astimatism which makes it difficult to read articles and stories. I know this has been looked at by other researchers and I can relate. My ability to stay focused on something is partially based on my level of interest but still some things that I find interesting are difficult to sit and read about as the articles are so lengthy. I get bored or disinterested and I move on. Short, consice, clear information is what I find most appealling and even this blog would be too much if I had not wrote it. How odd.

I can actually “feel” the inabillity of focusing on some tasks stirring in the darkness. Give me a computer and let me take it apart and put it together and I’m fine. Anything that requires me to do something constructive or destructive with my hands and I’m good but sitting and typing or reading and even driving just doesn’t have the hold on my mind like I wish it would. Some of it is confusion and dizziness and the rest is just hard to define but I know it’s a seperate issue because all of the previous medications have never caused this experience to go away.

I’m actually getting back to playing on TinyTIM since it lets me imagine more without the glossy imagery of the web. Despite my inability to actually understand the complexities of coding I try from time to time to actually build objects there that can interact with people. Eventually I would hope to abandon Facebook except for the occasional check on friends but other than that it’s highly overrated.

Telnet to:      Port:5440

My mind is mush now. More when I can think again.

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2 Responses to Not Labeled For Individual Sale

  1. Marisa Sundermeyer says:

    What is TinyTIM?

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