Despite the ever increasing use of computers and the upshot of recycling programs I still find myself among piles of paper. It’s almost mad to think that we will ever get away from paper but right now there isn’t a medium that is as versatile and secure as paper.

For me I think I would be better off if everything was stored in a digital space but the format would need to be more refined and the interface would need to be enlarged.

Just think about it, what would it be like if every book and document on the planet was no longer on paper but in a virtual location to be summoned up on personal interfaces. There would no longer be a need for file cabinets, book stores, and libraries. Schools would no longer need to issue textbooks and law enforcement would no longer issue tickets.

Deforestation for paper would subside although wood could still be used in other products. Waste paper could still be recycled into to other paper products but not for printing of any kind. Newspapers and magazines would die as the presses stopped running. Money becomes purely math and presents would be wrapped in air. Paper would become an oddity and a luxury in that new life.

But it will never happen to the degree of extreme cesation. We will always need paper to put down our expressions and to trade ideas with others. The total removal of something so ingrained into society would cause complete chaos, leaving us empty and lost.

So I sit here again looking at the stuff I have to read, sort, file, and recycle and wonder to myself about an easier way to deal with it all. In the end, I just have to deal with it all.

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