The oil that is used in vehicles starts out kind of like honey but after use it’s just plain black. Everyday there are thousands of gallons of oil that are poured into vehicles to lubricate their parts and relative to that there are just as many gallons of used oil poured out. What is done with that used oil depends different factors but in my experience it usually gets burned for heat.

There are a couple companies out there that actually take the used oil and filter out the impurities then resell it to be used as new oil again. If this was done all the time it would reduce the amount of oil that had to be purchased from elsewhere but it would force some people to be left in the cold.

I think it would be interesting to take an older vehicle with an engine that runs good and doesn’t leak and run the same batch of oil through it over and over by just doing an extensive filtration on the used oil during each scheduled change. A new filter on the engine would be used but the oil itself would be drained, cleaned, and then poured back in.

To filter the oil it would require to first make sure the oil was heated to remove the viscosity and give the oil more flow. This could be done safely with some indirect heat from a steam system. After it’s hot the next thing would be to run it through a series of filters each with a smaller weave to basically cut the debris from the liquid.

My plan is to take PVC pipe and create individual filter units that connect together. Each unit has a large screen at each end with the filter media in between. For that media I’m thinking to use finer and finer pads of steel wool with a final pass through some fiberglass. In all, the filter can be used over and over by just running solvent backwards through it.

One other filter would need to be made to help in this process but it would be much simpler. A simple metal plate with holes in it and a magnet attatched to it. The plate can be then easily cleaned by removing the magnet … might have to replace the magnet if you can’t get that one item clean.

So will it work? Would I save any money? Am I mad?

Well, we may never know but at least I can plant the seed into someone’t mind to try it out or lose their mind. Maybe start a revolution on saving oil …

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