With my current contract I do a lot of driving to and from customers in and around South Dakota, Minnesota, and Iowa so far. I can’t say that it’s terribly pleasant on my pocketbook because of the increasing fuel prices but it is outweighted by one having an actual job I enjoy and two getting to see new places knowing I’ll be getting money back for going there.

When I can, I try to look for some things that interest me or others that I know and since I got the new fancy phone I can take some pictures and even video of stuff on the fly. Sometimes I may not be able to actually get those shots and then I resort to the voice recorder that I can then put notes on.

So without further ado, here are some of my recent finds.

Train Car

Abandonded Train Car

Near Superior, Iowa there is a set of abandoned train cars. From what I understand is that these were used up until recently for hunters to stay in and food was also served onboard. They are sitting on an abandoned side line.

Dodge 1

Beat up Dodge

This is one of two old Dodges sitting behind a house where I worked on a system.

Dodge 2

Another Beat Up Dodge

This is another Dodge on the same property that has seen better days.


Ambulance pulling a trailer.

This is an old ambulance with a trailer sitting out in front of a farm property near Armstrong, Iowa. I didn’t have time to find out anything more on the vehicle.

51 Chevy

1951 Chevrolet 4-Door Fleetline DeLuxe Sedan

This is a gem. Being nearly complete (couple windows shot out and no wheel skirts) this car is something I’d love to have and just fix up enough to tool around in. I’ve really got too many unfinished projects as it is though.

I’ll continue to get pictures of things and see about getting them posted to share. Lastly I wanted to share an insight I gathered while driving along Highway 9 in Iowa.

=These plains, before the fields, the farms, and even the roads must have been a great ocean of grass. Something never to be seen again, only imagined.=

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