It seems like every night I sit and think about the structure of my life. Just like many people’s lives I have to think about my life, my money, and my stuff and it’s all so bleak. I hope for a better time with happiness, flowers, bunnies, and a bright sunny day with a cool breeze but I look outside and see the reality.

Right now I want to work on some certifications so I can get more jobs for my contract and that will then bring me more money. The more money I get will help me take care of some bills but not all of them because I’ll squeeze in some purchases for things I really want to have. I think too big on some of my wants and lose sight of the needs so alot of these ventures into planning my future involve dreaming and then finding the key elements that need to be satisfied.

The major goals right now are 1) Generate more income, 2) Submitting Solutions & Ideas to Others, and 3) Spend more time working on either the House or my Truck. The minor goals include A) Paying off my bills, B) Working off 150 pounds of excess weight, and C) Trying to figure out stuff to write on this site.

Of course I get overwhelmed somewhat with item (A) because item (1) is difficult to adjust when it plays heavily on my ability to think clearly. Pretty soon I’m going to need to get my own health insurance and then I’ll really have no money but the alternative is just as scary as the one pill I need to keep the tumor from growing back is about $40 each dose and I’m taking five a week. My remaining supply of refills from my previous employee benefits is going to last me about a month and then it’s crunch time.

I’m patient enough though to keep trodding on and not worrying about things like “credit scores” get me down. I do what I can and I’ve let those that I owe know where I stand and so far I’m handling it. Maybe one of my ideas will pan out or I’ll get some relief from another source but all in all I’m going to stay happy. Well, it’s going to be a rough happy but happy anyway especially when I’m trying to lose that weight.

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