My hand-me-down laptop has had it’s share of interesting quirks and tonight I think I’ve taken care of at least one of those quirks. The main problem with this thing is heat and I’ve been trying to get the system to manage that heat as best as possible.

The first problem was to manage the fan usage to ensure that the system was cooling and I had to get a utility to do that but even with that the system still got really warm. I’ve lost a hard drive due to the heat buildup in this thing and I’m trying to keep the second hard drive from dying the same death. The problem is that the hard drive bay gets really damnd hot and I’ve been trying to think of a way to vent more air in there but there isn’t a whole lot of room for that.

Tonight while I was working online the system locked up and eventhough I think it was a software problem, I felt I needed to do some surgery … creative surgery. I’ve already blown the dust out of the heatsink and that helped out a lot but I was still worried about the hard drive so I got out my tools and took the system apart.

The fan area got a cleaning and the CPU got a new thermal grease coating but the real change was removing a metal hard drive cage. In this system the hard drive has a little cage around it but this assembly slides into another metal cage that is sitting above some chips that get hot. My solution was to eliminate that outer cage so a little more air can move around in there and after getting the system back together it has helped.

Now I’m going back to my previous task and to see if the system locks up again. I think I need to sleep as well because I’m really tired. 😛

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One Response to Unbroken

  1. Marisa Sundermeyer says:

    The way that you are describing your venture reminds me of the space guy on Pikmin talking about his ship. 🙂 Love you, bro-face!

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