One Fifty

Recently I met with a friend at Wild Willy’s to catch up and to hang out in the bar. My friend had come with her boyfriend and another friend from work and we got into a conversation about the people we have come to know and how many of those people all have similar medical issues and also intelligence.

She threw out a number to state that the group of us probably has an average IQ of 135 and since I haven’t really looked into it I couldn’t agree or disagree on the matter. Later when I got home I did some reading on the matter and also looked for an online IQ test that would be semi-reliable. My initial result is 150.

I realize that I am rather bright in a number of ways and this has helped me in coming up with new ideas or finding ways to do things better but I never really think of grading it. Now that she brought up the IQ score, the whole concept has gotten me a bit more interested in finding out what my current level would be despite the fact that an IQ test is not really the best way of testing someone because of many bias factors.

Nonetheless, I have found some other online IQ tests that I plan to take and see what they show. Right now anything over 140 is means one is a “genius” and more specifically 150 would put me in the “genius (Professor)” score. It’s interesting and a little amusing but other than talk about it, the score does me no good.

The problem with being highly intelligent usualy means something else is highly deficient …

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