I no longer think about the world around me as an improvable situation after finding out even more information about business, politics, and people that I think are my friends. The one thing that really struck at my ability to think freely and to dream is that the dream of becoming the president of the United States of America isn’t attainable by the common person. You can’t just put your name on the list and then work to get to the top but rather you have to play a game of knowing people and having them donate money to your cause. It’s pretty much explains why there is so much corruption in politics as we don’t elect the people that are truly qualified for the work they need to do but rather for the people that were the best at selling themselves out.

Despite my dark view on the government I put a little trust in them not to royally fuck things up. They will mess up to a degree and then the other checks-n-balances will come along and even things out. In the short-term it’s really going to suck but over the long haul it should be alright.

To keep my mind from collapsing on itself from thinking about the idiots in charge of this country, I’ve been able to do some more work with the companies I’m helping out. In addition to being a bit busier I’ve also met a lot of really nice people that have found me interesting as well. I’m still working on getting some more certifications to expand my usefulness and while I struggle with them I’m also dropping ideas in hopes one of them can help me pay off a couple minor debts.

Things are slowly getting better now but the winter storms have put a little kink in my road to a better financial situation. Since a lot of what I do depends on computer parts making it to the local FedEx depot, a winter storm east of here tends to shut down the terminals that supply those packages. Right now there has been a 2-day lapse in work because of this latest storm system.

At least this break will give me a little time to clear up some paperwork and to get some training done for more certifications. The latest hurdle includes Lexmark printer servicing and the training system really isn’t all that desirable. If I do manage to get frustrated by one thing or another I can always change to another task and keep from being stressed out.

So right now I’m going to work on some letters and then play a game and then do some more work before taking a nap. It’s going to be a busy day.

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